Agios Athanasios Municipality



The Municipal Youth Council of Agios Athanasios was founded on March 10, 2004, and was created with the aim of promoting the participation of young people in society, to adopt policies relating to youth issues, to organisethe implementation of related programmes, and to generate positive involvement in the actions and projects relating to the infrastructure, thus enabling them to identify and assist in the concerns and problems of the younger generation.

The efforts of the Council are to provide opportunities for young people to participate and take active responsibility in the wider cultural and social development and progress of our municipality. To initiatehealthy recreation and involvement in their free time, the promotion and development of the Sports domain, cultural and environmental awareness and to encourage volunteerism, activities and actions that will create a connection in general with the youth and the local municipal authority.

From the time of its establishment in March 2004, the Youth Council have taken significant participation in programmes and other events in support of KENTHEA (Information Centre for Drugs and Drug AddictionTreatment), under the UNDP(United Nations Development Programme). It also organises camping, Christmas Dances and young peoples’ parties, participation in workshops, conferences for juvenile delinquency, sports events and tournaments, and participation of the members of the Youth Councilin the Let’s Support Together programme abroad for recreational and educational tours in Cyprus.

In its creative capacity, the Youth Council participates in various events, such as, the annual Carnival Paradein Limassolwith a Float leading a large convoy, a hosting of theatrical performances by the youth, and other artistic activities for the rapprochement of all the communitiesin Cyprus.