Agios Athanasios Municipality



Role and Mission

The Secretariat constitutes the “right’ hand of the Mayor. This service deals with the implementation of decisions of the Municipal Council, the keeping of filing system of the Municipality, the transaction of correspondence and the performance of Civil Marriages.

The Secretariat is the direct receptor of decisions of the Municipal Council, as they are received in the frames of policy that it has placed. At the same time, it is the body of direct promotion of decisions or directives of the Municipal Board to the suitable departments for implementation.

It is the coordinating body of the Departments of the Municipality for the implementation of any works or actions undertaken by the Municipality.

At the same time, it assists the Municipal Council in decision-making, providing it with elements and information which is collected from different Municipal Departments and other sources after it has previously studied and appropriately processed them.

The Secretariat is the body that the Mayor uses as the only Executive Authority of the Municipality for the implementation of the decisions of the Municipal Council.


The Head of Secretariat, as well as of the entire Municipal Service is the Municipal Clerk, who guides, directs, and checks it.

Municipal Clerk: Μrs Elena Stavrou

Tel: 25864107 Fax: 25725010