Agios Athanasios Municipality



The great participation of citizens, but also of individuals of the wider Limassol, shows that the Open School has been embraced with great support and it has been established. The official sponsor and supporter of the program is the Ministry of Education and Culture.

It is open to all citizens, independent of age, and offers a wide range of courses enabling people to learn and develop new skills and abilities. Some of these classes include English, Modern Greek, Computers, Art courses, such as: Arts & Crafts, theatre, dance classes as well as sports activities, like tennis, fencing, football, archery and Ping-Pong. 

All the courses provided by the “Open School” operate on the basis of a year program with goals, material and programs and in many courses the trainees have the opportunity to attend approved exams.

In the link below you can learn about the lessons, the hours and the places where they are taught.

Education Guide

Tel: 97717187 (office hours 07.30 – 15.00)


Facebook: Anoiktosxoleio Demou Agiouathanasiou