Agios Athanasios Municipality


Citizen’s Service Bureau

The Citizen’s Service Bureau was established in November 2006 with the aim to provide services as follows:

  • The opportunity to have direct contact and communication with the Public / Municipal Service.
  • A prompt and efficient service dealing with requests, questions and/or proposals, offering the correct and relevant information.
  • The Citizens Service Bureau aims to continually improve the efficiency of the municipal service and upgrade the overall quality of service to residents of Agios Athanasios.
  • All requests, complaints and suggestions made by residents are recorded, coded and forwarded to the appropriate department/services responsible for further investigation. Each department has an obligation to review or examine these issues promptly and within its jurisdiction, to instruct and inform the citizen on their options and/or the course of action to be taken in accordance with the specific nature of the subject.
  • The Citizens Service Bureau keeps track of every recorded issue and has an electronic system whereby the concerned services are automatically reminded of any outstanding issues. Regular reports are submitted to the City Council by the various services for further advice on specific issues, keeping them appraised on the progress of current cases and updated on the introduction of any new policies and regulations.

The Citizen’s Service Bureau can be contacted during municipality working hours from Monday to Friday (07:30 – 15:00)

Citizens Service Bureau Officer: Mrs Christiana Michael Elia
Address: Stavraetou tou Machaira 42, 4104 Agios Athanasios – Limassol
Telephone: 7777 7310, 25864116 Fax: 25725010