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“Odysseus” Counselling Station

The “Odysseus” Counselling Station is a non-profit organisation aiming to offer prevention and counselling services against behavioural and substance abuse. The programs and services offered are under the scientific supervision of KENTHEA (Centre of education about drugs & treatment of drug addicted persons) and approved by the Cyprus National Addictions Authority. The “Odysseus” Counselling Station is a partnership of the Municipalities of Limassol and all services are offered free of charge.

Focus Areas

The program targets the general population, such as children, teenagers, young people, teachers and vulnerable population groups. More specifically, the following services are offered:

The multi-level assistance program for children from vulnerable groups “Your wellbeing is our responsibility”. The program is designed to meet the needs of children by offering appropriate learning support, psychological support and engagement in healthy activities, as well as addressing any issues that may arise.

Experiential workshops for children to help them develop personal and social skills that can act like a shield against the problem of substance abuse (development of self-awareness and self-esteem, communication skills and resistance to peer pressure, emotion management, problem solving skills etc.).

Experiential workshops for parents to help them develop their parenting skills (communication skills and boosting children’s confidence, delimitation, information on addictions etc.).

Lectures, seminars and brief interventions to raise awareness and inform the public on illicit substances and types of addiction and their impact on the individual, family and society.

Cultivation of a climate of cooperation with all competent bodies on a communal, governmental, voluntary and private level.

Treatment Unit

The unit offers services in cases involving the abuse of illicit psychoactive substances (e.g. cannabis, cocaine etc.), legal psychotropic substances (e.g. alcohol and tobacco), and addictive behaviours (e.g. gambling and electronic games). More specifically the following services are provided:

Information and guidance on issues related to addictions and the treatment of addictive behaviours and substance abuse.
Mobilisation of the person and stabilisation of the decision for treatment/ rehabilitatio.
Counselling support during drug rehabilitation.
Development of skills to tackle everyday difficulties and social reintegration.
Counselling support for families of addicts.
The process of integration of people is easy and without bureaucratic procedures (meeting arranged directly after a simple phone call).

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