Agios Athanasios Municipality


Neighborhood Observer

During our walk we observe the following that are generally related to safety:
-Unknown persons
-Unknown vehicles
-Obstacles on the road/sidewalk: immobilized vehicles, pruning on the road/sidewalk piles of sand, on the road/sidewalk anything else that prevents the smooth movement of a vehicle or pedestrians
-Tree branches blocking traffic sign visibility or blocking the lighting at night
-Burnt street lighting bulbs
-Dark spots on streets / sidewalks
-Various road / sidewalk traps: removal of drainage grate, damaged sidewalks or pavements, potholes in the road surface
-Damage to access ramps for disabled people and barriers to access (parked vehicles or other objects)
-Worn / damaged traffic signs, insufficient road signs
-Exposed / unattended objects: agricultural tools, ladders, or anything else that can be used by a criminal or stolen
-Open / broken windows / doors in the absence of the tenant
-Unlocked cars with or without the keys on
-Objects exposed inside the vehicles and are visible
-Anything else can affect security.

We also observe anything is related to humanitarian issues and to problems faced by our fellow human beings.

How to contact the Police:
The European emergency number 112 works alongside 199 as the emergency number in Cyprus.
Police Citizen Line: 1460
Germasogeia Police Station: 25805300